Hadden Prize Winners: Angella Yamamoto, University of Waterloo and Ahmed Aljuhany, University of Calgary receiving their Hadden Awards at the CSHPS AGM 2023

Hadden Award Presentation, 2023 AGM

At the 2023 Annual Meeting two Hadden prizes were presented at the AGM.

“Operationalization of Scientific Realism/Anti-realism Accounts for Semi-Structured Interviews” Angella Yamamoto, University of Waterloo.

“What are False Models Good For? Lessons From a Case Study in Economics” Ahmed Aljuhany, University of Calgary.

The Annual Meeting at York as part of the 2023 Congress of the Humanities and Social Science. At the CSHPS meeting dozens of talks on various topics in the history and philosophy of science were given.

Thanks to all who participated!