Communiqué is the newsletter of the Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science (CSHPS). The newsletter is published three times a year and provides CSHPS members with information about the activities of the Society and its members. Contributions are solicited from all members. For an index of all Communiqué issues available on line see the here.

No. 104 Autumn/Automne 2021

No. 104 Autumn/Automne 2021

Environment Never Sleeps
Overshadowed by the ongoing pandemic, HPS scholars continue to create important, innovative work relating to the environment, land, and nature; we aim to showcase them.

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No. 103 Spring/Printemps 2021

No. 103 Spring/Printemps 2021

Beyond the Wall
As global vaccine distribution continues, issues of trust, expertise, and inequity has us thinking about how to [proceed in the next pandemic stage.

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No. 101 Summer/Été 2020

No. 101 Summer/Été 2020

Cancel Everything
Releasing official university statements on systemic racism and racial violence in society with Black and Indigenous peoples isn’t enough. We need to actively fight for justice.

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No. 100 Autumn/Automne 2019

No. 100 Autumn/Automne 2019

What dies the future of HPS look like?
Working on the 100th issue of the Communique made me wonder where we’ve come from and where we are going.

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No 99 Winter/Hiver 2019

No 99 Winter/Hiver 2019

Happy New Year!
By the time you’re reading this, it’s become obvious that Communiqué has undergone a major re-design. With the decision a few years ago to move the newsletter to a completely digital platform, coupled by the use of an open-access publishing software, we were no longer restricted to publishing costs.

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