Redistribution and Reparation in the History of Science: an Open Listening Session

Note: This session in the upcoming History of Science Society annual meeting is open – you are welcome to register and attend even if you’re not registered for the meeting or even a member of HSS.

Thursday, November 18, 12-1:15pm Central Time
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Where’s the money (and value and recognition)?

We invite you to join an open listening session on redistributing scholarly resources to support early-career and underrepresented scholars and scholarship. We invite scholars who hold forms of academic capital, and early career and underrepresented scholars to talk about how historians of science, and the History of Society Society (HSS), allocate value and resources. Where is value situated at different stages of the career, and where should it shift? What are scholars’ needs at different stages, places and positions? How can we think about redistribution and reparation in the history of science?

We invite discussion about where resources and value are located, and how they might be reallocated. This session follows on the HSS Futures and related panels at last year’s virtual HSS. Specifically, conveners include two journal editors, two HSS standing committees and two Co-Chairs of an HSS special interest group. Collectively we have small amounts of money, some gatekeeping functions, some control over symbolic value and recognition, and our own labor time for mentoring and support. We are seeking feedback from early career and underrepresented scholars, as to how those resources can be re-deployed. More broadly, we welcome a conversation about how resources in the field and the Society might be redirected to support early career and underrepresented scholars and scholarship.

Co-sponsored by the Forum for the History of Human Sciences, Isis, Journal for the History of the Behavioral Sciences, Graduate and Early Career Caucus and the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion.

This meeting is open to all, regardless of Society membership or conference registration status.

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